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Cuteness overload! >.<

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Pesta Pernikahan dan Acara Pemakaman, sama-sama mengingatkan kita akan sesuatu, seperti alarm pribadi yang berbunyi; ‘kapan giliran saya?’
—Tia Setiawati Priatna


imagine getting a bunch of pillows and blankets and just piling them on there and sleeping there at night that would be fucking perfect.

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It happens to me all the time…..

Sometimes, the greatest journey is the distance between two people.
The Painted Veil

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Keaton Henson - ‘Sweetheart, What Have You Done To Us’

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think kisses on the forehead are so cute and meaningful :’)

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It’s you, it’s you, it’s all for you..

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Beach, beach, beach!

It took me a while to recognize the difference between someone who genuinely cares about you and welcomes your company and someone who’s just interested in your life’s latest development.
—Tracey Coretta

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— Barney Stinson


akan ada waktunya nanti,
saat ‘selamanya’ bukan hanya tentang waktu,
namun tentang mauku dan maumu.

- Tia Setiawati Priatna